Racists For Trump

Another great video in a long line of SNL’s election coverage.

(they deleted the actual video, but here is a slightly blurry version that’s still up!)

10 thoughts on “Racists For Trump”

  1. That’s funny since he has won so many times already! This must be how the real americans are since they’re actually voting for him. Haha. Scary! This video works because it symbolizes his believes + that people actually vote for him…


  2. I thought this video was great. How simple and unassuming it all is, even after the big punchline (which was very cleverly revealed) it acts like nothing too big at all is happening.


  3. The execution of this video made it work, having more of the image revealed kept me wanting to watch to see how they manipulated each frame. I thought it was great because it was timely, with the KKK rallies going on and all of Trump’s comments.


  4. I thought this video was very clever and funny. It was very time relevant and referenced a topic almost everyone know about. My favorite thing about the video would definitely have to be the way the characters are just going about their (racist) lives very nonchalantly. It was done very well.


  5. There is so much out there on Trump that is humorous, but I like how casual this video is. The jokes are subtle and it isn’t in your face like a lot of other things I’ve seen. I think the reason this did work so well was because it was so nonchalant and natural but the jokes are still clear.


  6. I thought this was hilarious. It go to the point quickly and wasn’t drawn out like most of SNL’s material. I like how it takes the nonsensical “reasons” Drumpf voters put forward for voting for him and then offers the viewer an alternative, perhaps more honest reason for his voting base.


  7. Absolutely brilliant. This hit the rhetoric spot on without becoming too overbearing. Everyone is acting incredibly nonchalant despite relating to centuries of violent history, thats what worked. It represents the way in which these voters have found an arena in which they can bring the dinner table conversation, the things they wish they could say, out into the political sphere through Donald Trump. He has incited this through his provocativeness and offensiveness and has shown the voters that this hateful rhetoric is all A ok. The hate is alive and well, how we see it depends on our perspective.


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