Not political. Relevant?

4 thoughts on “Not political. Relevant?”

  1. I wonder if The Onion sees the irony in making a video complaining about videos. I agree with the overall message but found the delivery to be absolutely dreadful. Everyone in it came off as whiney and irritating. The audio quality was pretty bad and the text-to speech robot narrator was overdone in 2002. Something tells me an intern slapped this together.


  2. Hah, the irony. This worked for me in some ways, probably wouldn’t have watched it if you hadn’t posted it to be honest. I find it funny just because so many of my friends won’t receive any information news related unless it’s a 30 second video, I like the reversal on this.


  3. I can agree with how annoying ads are, however it was a little over the top and unnecessary. I did think they were whiney as well. They didn’t add any comical affect to the video, it was just full of complaining. The Onion has done better.


  4. While I sympathize with those who have been blind sided by videos too time consuming for their taste, I am a media consumer, not a complaint department. Yes, it does make a good point about to our generations inability to watch a video longer than 30 seconds, or read anything longer than 140 characters. But, this piece overall was quite drab and drawn out.


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