The Problem With Frats

I usually don’t watch parody, so finding one for this week was hard for me. I found one, and I didn’t lay down and laugh out loud from it either, but this is a type of humor I really like. It’s kind of tragic and funny at the same time, and it educates us.

What do you think about this type of humor?

11 thoughts on “The Problem With Frats”

  1. I found this to be relatively funny. Especially the part at the end where they used their parents’ influence and connections to get out of trouble and shortcuts to careers they perhaps didn’t deserve. However, it also doesn’t seem exactly fair. I’m sure there are plenty of frats out there that are full of nice people that don’t indulge int he behavior depicted in the video. I’m not really a fan of frats but lets be reasonable here.


  2. This was pretty funny because frats are an easy target for comedy. I wouldn’t really call this traditional news parody though because it’s not something that’s super relevant in today’s news. Regardless, it still made me laugh out loud.


  3. I found it entertaining in that sort of “blunt pointing things out” way, but as Robert said, I don’t think it’s completely fair to throw all frats under the bus. I’m positive that there’s many frats that aren’t in this position. That said, I still did enjoy it and thought it was funny. As I said last week, my only real concern is people lumping the bad minority into the majority of pretty-alright frats.


  4. The traditional frat videos have been a little overdone lately. I have to say the lead on had me fooled until the message of the skit took me by surprise, bravo College Humor. Yes, Yes indeed “this is emblematic of a larger problem.” While on the other hand, this video does a great job of grouping together those issues in order to negatively stereotype modern fraternities.

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  5. Frats and football players get so much heat. I enjoyed the sketch, but I would have to agree with the rest. We can’t let the bad apples give everyone else a bad rep.


  6. It kind of gets at the core about why frats tend to be controversial. What starts off as their priorities being misplaced…we get to see just how misplaced they really are. Sure the frat life can be glorified but it also defends sex offenders, bigots, and general assholes. “But the boys are just having fun!”

    “This is emblematic of a larger problem.” Boom.


  7. I am the first person to poke fun at fraternities, but i do think that these guys used too many recycled jokes. There is a lot that fraternity members need to do to improve images in the media and so “This is emblematic of a larger problem,” was a perfect analysis. I would just want to see more originality


  8. I thought this video was funny. I didn’t laugh out loud, but I chuckled at some points. I lost a little of my laughter when they were joking about rape. I don’t think that is ever appropriate, but I do think this video is an excellent example of a good parody. It pointed out classic stereotypes with fraternities while making fun of them.


  9. This video touched on an important issue. Obviously, College Humor sifted through the myriad of despicable actions exhibited by some fraternities over the years, and then claimed responsibility for these actions fell on fraternities as whole. The writers of this sketch took the atrocious actions done by few, and displayed them as being committed by the average fraternity member. Obviously, these stereotypes will rub many people the wrong way, and for obvious reasons. This doesn’t, however, take away from the potency of this sketch’s message. The culture being depicted here must change, and pointing out the issues (no matter how painful it might be for some good “brothers”) is the first way we address the change that will come.


  10. I found this entertaining. Frats are an easy target, and I have to admit I love college movies. So it was like watching a little snip it of a funny movie, however it could have poked lighter fun at the situation.


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