Flip Wilson Brings You The News

I wanted to include an older clip to help show that news parody isn’t an inherently new thing in our culture. Here is George Carlin and Flip Wilson performing as a number of news-related characters. Do you feel that news parody has changed much? Is this old routine still funny in your eyes?

8 thoughts on “Flip Wilson Brings You The News”

  1. What I found most interesting from this video was the humorous aspects of the jokes. Like when he said that a new minority group was discovered, I thought that was the joke but no one laughed. Only once he said that there was only one person in the minority did the audience laugh. It was just interesting to see what I found funny in a joke versus what audiences of the 70s found funny. Either way, good clip.


  2. This reminds me of a TV show we had in Norway a couple of years ago. The TV show was called something and designed similar to our national news broadcasting, and it was all fake news/news parody of relevant events that we all know was going on. I see this video the same, and bet it would have been funnier if I lived and read the news at the time this show was produced.


  3. George Carlin is one of my favorite comedians, but like a lot of his stuff I find it more smart than laugh out loud funny. There were a lot of jokes in this video that I’ve heard many times that I don’t exactly find funny, but can still appreciate. I dig the parody within a parody!


  4. I thought this video was pretty funny. I think that I would have laughed more if I recognized news-related characters or witnessed anything that they where in. I liked the different angle that this parody took with making a joke out of characters instead of just topics of interest.


  5. Gotta love people making fun of Californians. The meat in hot dogs amused me too, they are clever with telling a joke through an anti-joke, i guess. There’s a lot of lead up to the jokes, something that I think has evolved over the years. The hippy-dippy weather man was too Humboldt. On a side note, I think I’ve finally realized how unamused I’ve become with hippies as of late. I also like how it’s 6 o’clock news but the clock isn’t on 6 o’clock.

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  6. I like this video a lot. I thought it was really humorous with witty light jokes. They aren’t insulting like a lot of parodies are today.


  7. I appreciated this comedy a lot. I always liked George Carlin, so I might be a bit biased, but I found this video rather clever throughout. There is something about that deadpan delivery of thing like the hot dog joke that just does it for me. It is also interesting to see that while it is less “mean”, comedy as a whole hasn’t changed too much since the 70s. I could see something like this still being done with more modern issues. Altogether a very good post.


  8. George Carlin is one of my favorite comedians. I am glad that you uncovered this rob. I wish he could be alive today to commentate the crazy times were going through now. The laugh track added to the piece.


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