A Hillary Christmas

I chose this piece because one, I personally found it entertaining, and two, it is an interesting take on Hillary. SNL has been anything but kind to her, but in this particular case, I just found it rather effective, if not just because it points out some of the inconsistencies that happen when you’re in two different elections. It also references many of the events of the election well in my opinion. What do you think? Was it funny, or was it too on the nose and overdone?

10 thoughts on “A Hillary Christmas”

  1. I don’t think SNL has been harsh on Hillary at all. Most “criticisms” they make tend to be compliments in disguise. Like that she’s hard-working or professional. I think Amy Poehler is much funnier than the new comedian playing Hillary. The joke about bracing onto something before she told her who the Republican front-runner is felt like a big miss and drawn out making it even worse. Tina Fey was hysterical as always. Makes me miss some of the old SNL lineups.


  2. I love Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin impersonation, but I thought she distracted from the original premise. Still, she was probably the funniest part of the skit. I didn’t find anything that stood out in this skit.


  3. Sarah Palin had me with the hand guns, but I agree with Connor, her character served more as a distraction. I really enjoy Hillary Clintons character, so I might be a bit biased here, but I thought that this skit really hit the head on the nail.


  4. This was funny. Tina Fey impersonation of Sarah Palin is always on point. I thought when Kate McKinnon broke Amy’s phone over the emails was the best part.


  5. I love SNL and I love this skit! It’s one of my favorites, definitely. The first time I saw it, I ended up laughing so hard I cried. And I liked Amy, but I actually like the new actor as Hillary better. She brings something new and fresh


  6. The SNL election parodies are some of my favorite things about election season. I think that the Hilary jokes are on point and I can’t wait to see what else SNL unleashes deeper into the season.


  7. I think SNL has had funnier skits on Hilary, but I thought it was still funny. I liked that her pajamas were her normal clothing. The video hit on all the major components of Hilary’s campaign and made it hilarious. Especially when present Hilary told past Hilary that Donald Trump is in the running. I loved past Hilary’s reaction.


  8. I’ve seen this before, and I thought the same thing when I saw it then. I feel like the commitment to the impersonations are what makes it amusing, the content itself could really be anything, it’s just entertaining to watch people who are good at pretending to be someone else. Obviously it’s funny seeing more than one impersonation in one skit. Tina Fey as Sarah Palin will always make me laugh but I agree that bringing her in can be slightly irrelevant, aside from the fact that she has also been objectified as a woman in the face of politics. I think it was a good opportunity to bring back Tina Palin so they jumped on it.


  9. I thought this video was one of the funniest ones that has been posted. It was really accurate and entertained me the whole way through. I love anything with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler but this was especially great. Awesome decision to bring Palin back!


  10. I thought this video was very entertaining and funny. it [poked light fun while talking about important facts. The actors just nailed it too. good pick


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