Onion example

Ian Thompson: “Here’s the video. I want to ask if people think this video is appropriate or is it bordering on the line of being homophobic?”


11 thoughts on “Onion example”

  1. I think this is super inappropriate. What the hell is the point of making fun of carl being gay…who the f is carl? Not a fan of gay jokes, and a whole skit aimlessly making fun of gays doesn’t sit well with me.


  2. It feels like there is an underlying message here about stereotyping–but I can’t really find it. Seems like a waste of advertising money.


  3. For the most part this bit portrayed an important message about stereotyping gay males. I was on board up until they made a joke about the Carl’s penis size. I felt like that was a little bit of a low blow and only perpetuated the stereotype.


  4. It felt rather forced and on the nose for me. They were overdone jokes, and the blunt delivery that The Onion is known for really didn’t translate here. I wouldn’t say I found it funny at all.


  5. I have mixed feelings about this post. In one regard I think that there is deeper meaning for the “jock scientist”. I think that they are referring to how scientist in sports (Particularly the NFL concussion research team) and how they make broad generalizations off of very little reasoning of science. The jokes themselves may have been inappropriate, but they got the message across well.


  6. I thought this video was funny. It was a dry humor. Not the type to make you laugh out loud, but I still chuckled at certain parts. On the other hand, I kinda thought some of the jokes were inappropriate. But that’s the thing with humor, you don’t know how far to push the line and someone will always gets offended.


  7. Wow. Um. I didn’t find this funny at all, I found it pretty fucked up, I know its making a broader commentary on homophobia but that was lost for me. I don’t see the humor of making fun of people who already face oppression…


  8. I’m gay and I laughed a lot. I thought it was so overtly offensive that it was really funny. Honestly, I love a good butt joke so maybe that’s just a personal preference thing.


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