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America’s Fastest-Growing College

I can’t decide if this parody advertisement video works or not. I did not laugh out loud but some of the lines were clever. “The more you pay, the more you learn.” “Thought coins.”

It’s 11 minutes long. That seems a bit too much. It’s a year old and has not reached a half million hits. (Which seems, for this level of production, like a fail, right?)

The bit from Adult Swim was written by former writers from The Onion. (The Wild Aggressive Dog writers are Geoff Haggerty, Dan Klein, Matthew Klinman, Michael Pielocik, Chris Sartinsky, and Sam West.)

What’s useful about this, though, is the reality behind the parody. The illegitimacy of for-profit online education is a real thing and the satire of this parody ad compels us to think about companies like University of Phoenix, one of several for-profit universities investigated for fraudulent claims.