Make Donald Drumpf again

(This is Deidre posting because the student assigned this week has dropped the class.)
When John Oliver did his Trump piece on HBO Sunday night, the nickname “Drumpf” — the family name before a name change — was trending on social media. You can even install a Chrome browser add-on that changes Trump’s name to Drumpf in all instances. But a Washington Post writer suggests that Oliver’s humor employs the same kind of xenophobia that we detest when we spot it in Trump.

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Resident Young Person


Generational faults are usually the most funny when pointed out by people of the same generation. This skit is a little old but I appreciate the culture commentary, and always love comedians who aren’t afraid to make fun of themselves.

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Bernie Sanders on SNL

Bernie Sanders and Larry David join forces on SNL to poke fun at gender equality, the top 1%, socialism, and the fact that Sanders is Jewish. I always find it funny when politicians (and everyone) have a sense of humor and can laugh at themselves just like Bernie was able to here. What do you think?

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