Types of humor — class examples

Your comedy team assignment for Jan. 25, 2016:

Dig a bit deeper to better understand the comedic form described. (This is called research.) Then search far and wide (on YouTube) to find a good example of each comedic form. Add links below.

Glitter Bunnies 1. Anecdotal 2. Blue

Jets 3.  Dark/Gallows/Morbid


Rock stars 5. Deadpan/Dry 6. Droll

Peacemongers 7. Epigrammatic 8. Farcical

St. Pat Hats 9. High/highbrow 12. Juvenile/sophomoric

Spooneys 10. Hyperbolic 11. Ironic

Mardi masks 13. Mordant 14. Parodic

Jazz saxophones 15. Satirical

Black Widow Movie Trailer from SNL

16. Screwball

21 Jump Street Drug Phases Scene

Puzzles 17. Self-deprecating 18. Situational 19. Slapstick

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