Welcome to class

For more info, get thee to our class page on Moodle. Details of our hybrid class work and our first group assignment are posted there.

Our class won’t meet in person the first week of school. But I’d like to get our conversations started this week using this site for the hybrid portion of the class.

Each week, two students will be in charge of posting (by 11 p.m. Wednesdays) a current example of news parody and starting a discussion about the example. Does it work well to express news? Is it entertaining? What makes it useful as a conveyor of information (or not)? How is the comic affect achieved (or not)? How could we replicate this form in our own Humboldt parody news? What mistakes were made that we could avoid?

That kind of thing.

For the hybrid portion of our class, all students are required to join both conversations each week (by 11 p.m. Fridays), reflecting on the above questions and making any connections to theory, ideas, other media, etc.

Email me or text me with questions. (See Moodle syllabus for my contact info.)
See you in class!


At Humboldt State, we take comic news seriously

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